The Conference for
Video Engineers

October 5th-7th 2021, The Internet

Why watch?

  • No marketing, ever.

    Speakers are selected based on their submission, not how much money their company paid; we will never, ever sell a speaking slot. Attendee information isn't for sale either, and that includes any sponsors.

  • Affordable.

    We want anyone in the industry to be able to come, which means keeping tickets reasonably priced (thanks largely to our generous sponsors). We also offer free and discounted tickets to students and open source contributors, so please reach out if you're interested.

  • For everyone in the community.

    Our community is dedicated to providing an inclusive, enjoyable experience for everyone in the video industry. In this pursuit, and in keeping with our love for reasonable standards, we adopted the Ada Initiative's code of conduct.

Our Speakers

  • Ali C. Begen

    Networked Media and Ozyegin University

    You Deserve Low-Latency Sports and We Serve It via Content-Aware Playback

    Talk overview
  • Behnam Kakavand


    Dos and don'ts in producing a VR live stream

    Talk overview
  • Christian Pillsbury


    Accessibility & Media Players

    Talk overview
  • Collin Miller


    Puppeteer + <canvas> + WebCodecs to replace ffmpeg

    Talk overview
  • Eric Tang


    Content Classification for Live Streams with ffmpeg

    Talk overview
  • Glenn Goldstein


    Open Caching: CDNI Metadata Model Extensions

    Talk overview
  • Guillaume du Pontavice


    Improving Streaming Experience with Bayesian Optimization, from AB to AZ test!

    Talk overview
  • Jacques Blom

    Milk Video

    The browser as a video rendering engine: Deep dive into time management

    Talk overview
  • Janet Kim

    Apollo 350

    Live Video AMAs in 30 Days

    Talk overview
  • Jean-Baptiste Kempf


    Updates on the FFmpeg and Free software community

    Talk overview
  • Josh Evans


    Distributed Request Tracing for the Streaming Video Ecosystem

    Talk overview
  • Loke Dupont


    How we accelerated Live 2 VOD delivery from 15 minutes to under a minute

    Talk overview
  • Luke Curley


    Low-Latency Video over QUIC

    Talk overview
  • Matthew Donato


    OCF at NFLX

    Talk overview
  • Nicolas Levy


    A Pirate's Tale: Building a client-side anti-piracy solution in a week

    Talk overview
  • Nitin Garg


    Holographic video calling

    Talk overview
  • Phil Cluff


    The mostly definitive history of Smell-O-Vision

    Talk overview
  • Pulkit Tandon


    Txt2Vid: Ultra-Low Bitrate Compression of Talking-Head Videos via Text

    Talk overview
  • Robert Labonte


    Using The Power of Edge Compute To Enhance Streaming Delivery

    Talk overview
  • Ryan Jespersen


    It's time to WHIP WebRTC into shape

    Talk overview
  • Sean McCarthy


    The dashboard won’t load! Tales from a Super Bowl WarZoom

    Talk overview
  • Steve Heffernan


    Rip your player's face off

    Talk overview
  • Steve Robertson


    HDR doesn't have to be hard

    Talk overview
  • Tracey Jaquith

    30,000 fps nginx - To Russia with Love

    Talk overview
  • Vanessa Pyne

    What's your glitch?: An ode to datamoshing

    Talk overview
  • Yuriy Reznik


    Origins of many strange things in video

    Talk overview
  • Yurong Jiang


    Measuring the live video latency at scale

    Talk overview
  • Zac Shenker


    What's new in HLS

    Talk overview
  • Zoe Liu


    Pseudo HDR - Enabling HDR Experience For SDR Video Streaming to Ordinary Devices

    Talk overview

The Schedule October 5th, 6th, 7th, 2021 All times are shown in Pacific Daylight Time (GMT-7)

About us

Demuxed is simply engineers talking about video technology. After years of chatting about video at the SF Video Technology Meetup, we decided it was time for an engineer-first event with quality technical talks about video. Our focus has traditionally been on content delivered over the web, but topics cover anything from encoding to playback and more!

Most of the organization and work behind the scenes is done by folks from Mux (Demuxed came first ☝️) but none of this would be possible without amazing people from the meetup.

Every year we get a group together that's kind enough to do things like schedule planning, help brainstorm cool swag, and, most importantly, argue heatedly over which talk submissions should make the final cut.

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